Life in Sderot

shutterstock_248934691It’s evening. You’re taking a shower while your children play all around the house – some in their bedrooms, some in the living room. Suddenly, you are knocked to the floor. Shards of glass slice through your body and you go black as you hit the floor. You come to your sickened senses and realize that a bomb, launched from the bordering Palestinian-controlled region of the Gaza Strip, ripped through your roof and blew your glass shower stall into a thousand pieces of jagged shrapnel. You lay on the floor unable to move. Where are your children? Are they okay? You desperately drag your mangled body across the floor. “What has happened to my family?”

This is exactly what happened to a family just like yours who live in the town of Sderot. The predicament of being in such close proximity to the calamity of constant bombardment from across the border creates for the people of this town many hardships of bodily injury, death, property loss, and devastating damage to their economy.

So many are suffering from the many effects of terror, violence and war in the Land of Israel. They are in desperate need of love and encouragement as they deal with the trauma of pain and loss. The effects are emotionally and physically devastating and often permanent. A gently touch or prayer brings courage and hope to these people during their trying times.

The Lydia Project is committed to helping provide for the desperate needs of those who suffer innocently in the Land of Israel.

Won’t you help us to help these innocent victims of violence?