For Sake of de-Clutter

shutterstock_379677820One of our vendors came in today and we were chatting, you know, small talk. Was telling him I have a long weekend scheduled and he asked if I had plans, I respond, “Yes, I’m going to clean out some things I have stored away.” He randomly quoted, “Everything you own, owns a part of you.”
My mind processed that very quickly as OMGosh! That is a pretty horrifying thought, as I was realizing the ‘clutter’ I was going to rummage through.

I was reminded of the Scripture Matthew 6:21 that says, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” — very applicable to my friends quote.

This made me look a little deeper… into my heart. What do I hold in there that is clutter? Unforgiveness, pride, addiction, doubt, wanting, fear, unbelief, a haughty look…??? I asked Ruach HaKodesh to show me anything that is blocking HIM from using me to full capacity, leave no stone unturned!

Could it be that we overlook others because of the clutter that is buried and locked away in our hearts? Sad to say, we have become a generation and culture so focused on our stuff, desires, and our own belief system – good, bad and ugly, that we have allowed things to creep in and set up kingdoms in our hearts that ought not be!.. and that leaves a question – where does THE KING have room to sit?

How many times have we looked the other way when we saw one in need and justified in our hearts that it’s not our problem? Or, I’m in a hurry.. What about, “someone else will take care of it.” Am I my brothers keeper? – Yes!

May our FATHER help us to know the importance of HIS Kingdom and for the sake of HIS heart.. de-clutter our own.

Angie Clark
The Lydia Project Coordinator