Power of Prayer

shutterstock_346644092It is such a blessing to work in an environment that allows one to pray for another.

A few days ago I injured my right ankle/foot. The pain was excruciating! I’ve sprained the same ankle before but this pain was a little different – deeper if you will. It was a little embarrassing to hobble around, but I had to get from point A to point B – right?

My director ordered me, in a loving way, to go to the doctor. I obeyed and made an appointment and believe me, to take that route – it has to be extreme.

One of my co-workers was leaving early for the day and I asked her if she would pray for me before she left. “Absolutely!” she said. She got on her knees, placed her hands on my injured limb and prayed the prayer of faith and healing. She began to see by Ruach HaKodesh that HE was as a mother tending to her child… she saw HIS hands with a needle and thread mending my injury. What a beautiful Holy picture.

She finished and immediately the pain left! I started jumping and running all over the place! Excited!!

That night while sleeping I was awakened by my bones cracking and popping in my ankle. Not painful just awkward. I know in my heart that it was Ruach HaKodesh completing the work HE had started… sewing everything back together.

THE ALMIGHTY has left with us an arsenal of weapons to defeat the enemy at the gates, and prayer is one of them! When we intercede on behalf of others whether they are tangible or in another country, our ABBA shema’s… HE hears and answers. HE so wants us to ask!

When you partner with The Lydia Project financially and through intercession, you are using two very powerful tools causing the enemy to be destroyed and lose ground. Your giving and prayers are ascending to The Throne of Grace as a memorial unto our KING.

“For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds.” -2 Corinthians 10:4

So thank you for all you are doing on behalf of the orphan, widow and victims of terror in The Land of Israel.

By the way… I canceled my doctor’s appointment. They wanted to know why, and this was my answer….

Patient Comments: Praise GOD! I got prayed for and was healed. My ankle was either broke or sprained yesterday.. But today I’m wearing heels! So if you don’t mind, please cancel my appointment.

Their reply: Your appointment was canceled.

In HIS Shalom,

Angie Clark-Coordinator

The Lydia Project