Bondslave or Servant

Bondslave - slaves

Bondslave - slavesPaul and Timothy, the slaves of Yeshua Messiah….. Philippians 1:1

Some translations say ‘servants’ but the Bible I read from says ‘slaves’. This one sentence impacted me as I began to ponder the difference between the two, servants and slaves.

I’m pretty much a right brainer so I see in scenes rather than logic, and this is my thought on the matter of ‘servant’ vs ‘slave.’

Servant.  A servant is likened unto a waiter if you will.  They take care of you, making sure your dining experience is pleasing and enjoyable, with the hopes of a revisit and a great tip.  After you are finished, you leave. And chances are your waiter probably will not think of you again, and it’s doubtful that you strike up a conversation about your waiter on your way home.

Slave. The first thing that may come to your mind could be bad images, but in my way of thinking about this passage in Philippians, I see it quite differently.  A slave is totally sold out to their Master because the Master cares deeply for them.  In ancient days they would bear the mark of bondslave by having a piercing with an awl in the earlobe. Their life is truly not their own, as they have died to their own desires and ambitions because they realize the great price that The Master paid in order to redeem them.  And the piercing He bears in His hands and feet represents His true love for us.  He is THE true bondslave and our example.

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

John 15:13  

When we give to those that our Master loves, it is honoring Him and the ultimate sacrifice He made.  Your support and love for The Lydia Project is helping change lives, and for that, we are ever grateful.

May we never offer our KING a dining experience.  Instead, let us bear the mark, “Bondslave.”

In His Shalom,

Angie Clark-Coordinator

The Lydia Project